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Givauden Singapore

Further to carrying out a successful trial for a ZoneSafe gobo Projector System at their Singapore manufacturing facility, Givauden have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a project to supply and install ZoneSafe gobo Systems at 4 No. Busy traffic ‘T’ junctions within the facility.

Each ‘T’ junction will comprise a ZoneSafe Discovery Unit, a gobo Projector and a Junction Box. The systems will be set-up to provide a safety zone of approx. 10 meters around each ‘T’ junction. When an industrial vehicle approaches the ‘T’ junction from any of 3 directions, the gobo Projector will be activated to warn pedestrians and other vehicle users that there is a vehicle approaching.

The gobo Projector provides a clear and rotating image onto the floor surface that is approx. 1.5 meters in diameter.

Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have awarded Automation Support Services with a 12 Month contract to provide Preventive Maintenance and Call-Out Support Services for the Cart Transport Management System (CTMS), Buffer Management System (BMS), Cart Transport System (CTS) and the Materials Handling System (MHS) at the SICC2 facility Singapore. ASS will perform Quarterly PM checks and provide support cover on a 365day x 24 hour basis.

SAESL has awarded ASS with a 12 Month contract to provide comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services for the 3 No. Engine Strip and Build Platforms located at their Calshot Road, Singapore facility.

ASS has been performing the PM Services since the Systems went live. SAESL has also engaged ASS to perform additional tasks associated with system improvements.

DSO Singapore

DSO are the Singapore Armed Forces (MINDEF) research and development arm. DSO used some ZoneSafe Systems to provide safety for personnel whilst testing new equipment/vehicles being developed for the field. The initial results have proven very positive, and as a direct result, DSO have ordered some more Vehicle to Person (V2P) Systems from ASS Pte Ltd.

DSO and their technical team self-install the equipment with guidance from the ASS Pte Ltd technical support team. This proves that the installation of ZoneSafe Systems can be easily installed and commissioned by competent technical staff.

Mixed Emotions….Whilst ASS Pte Ltd are pleased to have been awarded the project to relocate the Engine Assembly Flow Lines from the SATU Singapore facility to the Derby facility, I personally feel very sad to see the demise of what has proved to be a very successful and efficient production system at the SATU facility. It has been a pleasure to work together with many design and production engineers/technicians at the facility over the past 8-9 Years. There are too many to mention individually, however I am eternally grateful for the advice and experience provided. ASS Pte Ltd were involved with the project from the offset as partners to the original UK suppliers of the Flow Lines. We have subsequently provide PM Services/Call-Out Support, and carried out various improvements/modifications to the Lines and associated equipment. The group image was taken to celebrate the 1st Fan Case being produced…the other images show the current dismantling work being undertaken.

We hope that the equipment serves it’s purpose at its new home in Derby. The scope of work being undertaken by ASS Pte Ltd and their partners Alpha Install Ltd and Banelec Ltd includes to dismantle, pack and ship the equipment from Singapore. The equipment will then be reinstated at the Derby facility.

Givauden Singapore

ASS Pte Ltd have installed a gobo Projector System at the Givauden warehouse located in Singapore. The system comprises a ZoneSafe Discovery Unit, which is used to activate the gobo Projector when an industrial vehicle (FLT) enters the busy ‘T’ Junction. The projected image provides any pedestrians in the vicinity with a warning that a vehicle is about to enter the area.

DSM Nutrition Group

Further to introducing ZoneSafe Systems to their facility in Singapore, the DSM Nutrition group of companies, have placed orders with ASS Pte Ltd for systems to be implemented at the DSM Nutrition facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

The Vehicle to Person (V2P), and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Systems, will be self- installed by the respective DSM Nutrition technical teams, with remote assistance from the ASS Pte Ltd technical team based in Singapore.

ASS Pte Ltd have spent some considerable time redesigning the ways in which the ZoneSafe equipment can be mounted to different vehicles with minimal fuss. The equipment can be mounted using a variety of clamps, which eliminates the requirement for permanent fixing to the vehicles structure. This strategy protects the integrity of the vehicle structure.

ASS Pte Ltd have produced a series of ‘Self Install’ Manuals and Documents to assist the installation teams.

DSM Nutrition are a Swiss company with a global footprint, and have recognised the benefits that ZoneSafe provides for the safety of their workers.

UMW Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd are a Singapore based entity providing industrial vehicles to various industry sectors. UMW have recently installed a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) to a Fork Lift Truck, with a view to providing the ZoneSafe Systems as a ‘standard’ safety solution to vehicles that they either sell or lease to their clients.

The ASS Pte Ltd technical team have been working with the UMW technical team to provide the understanding required for the integration of ZoneSafe to different types of vehicles.

Jungheinrich Pte Ltd

ASS will be installing a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Pedestrian System (V2P) to a Jungheinrich Fork Lift Truck. Jungheinrich are one of the prominent Fork Lift Truck leasing companies in Singapore, and have many key customers in the logistics sector.

Jungheinrich will use this Fork Lift Truck to demonstrate to existing, and potential clients, the value of having the additional safety of the ZoneSafe equipment in place.

ASS and Jungheinrich are working together to provide safety solutions to TOLL Logistics at their logistics centre based in Tuas, Singapore. Using their extensive range of trial equipment, ASS will fully demonstrate the capabilities of Vehicle to Person, and Vehicle to Vehicle safety. The tests will also demonstrate interfaces to Fork Lift Trucks to enable the vehicles to switch to ‘Creep’ mode.

These tests and trials will demonstrate the flexibility of the ZoneSafe range of products.

ASS’s technical team will install and commission the equipment during August 2020.

Rapport Introduction

To compliment their existing All-In-One Logistics System (ALS) Warehouse Management System, Automation Support Services Pte Ltd are developing a new Cloud Hosted Warehouse Management System. The new system will be known as RAPPORT, and will be an all encapsulating system with all of the ‘common’ Warehouse Management System functionality.

RAPPORT_HLogo-RGB-Full Colour

ASS has implemented complex Warehouse Management Systems for several clients in Asia and the Middle East. In an effort to reduce expensive site hardware and software licenses, recent demand from clients has been for a Cloud based solution.

The system will be available for conventional manual warehouse operations and fully automated solutions. Modules will be available for direct interfaces to client’s ERP systems and any automation required.

We will provide periodic updates for the system, however, if there is a requirement for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Vass Tel: +65 9272 6176 E-Mail:

ASS have installed a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Pedestrian System (V2P) to a Hitachi Excavator for Singapore based YTL CE and Builders Pte Ltd. The system will help to protect workers who may come in to close contact with the excavator whilst working.

YTL specialise in sewer and water pipe laying, pipe jacking, shaft and manhole construction, construction of airport parking aprons and taxi ways, infrastructure works and road works in general.

Many of the company’s projects are performed for the Singapore Publics Utilities Board (PUB), and the PUB have been instrumental in guiding YTL to incorporate ZoneSafe as a safety measure.

ASS’s technical team will install and commission the equipment during August 2020.

YTL CE and Builder Pte Ltd are the latest company to embrace the ZoneSafe Systems to help protect their workers who may come into contact with an industrial vehicle. YTL CE and Builder Pte Ltd are an established, and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) registered company based in Singapore. Amongst their daily activities they specialise in sewer and water pipe laying, pipe jacking, shaft and manhole construction, infrastructure works and road works.

YTL CE and Builder Pte Ltd were impressed with the capabilities of the ZoneSafe Systems, and have invested in a system for a single Excavator, together with Personnel Tags and Charging Units.

This project will serve as a ‘proof of concept’ initiative for the company, who’s goal is to provide a high level of safety for their workers.

To assist companies to provide a safer working environment, ZoneSafe have developed a Person-to-Person Social Distancing Solution.

ZoneSafe P2P has been developed to help companies to:

  • Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Reduce Person-to Person Contact
  • Ensure Safe and Consistent Distancing is Maintained
  • Deploy a Quick Solution for Workers at a Job Site or Workplace

Each worker wears a ZoneSafe P2P TAG. When a P2P TAG detects another P2P TAG within a 2 Meter distance from each other, a vibration alert is activated to indicate that there is a risk of contact. The vibration ceases when P2P tags no longer breach each others maximum threshold.

ZoneSafe P2P reduces contact between workers, encourages spatial awareness, and ensures safe distances are maintained while carrying out work.

ZoneSafe P2P can be quickly deployed across job sites and workplaces in industrial applications where social distancing measures are required.

Please see the associated Data Sheet at the Documents Page. For enquiries, please contact ASS via the Contact Page.

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COVID-19 Pandemic

The Singapore Government announced various measures (Circuit Breaker Measures) to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic on Friday 03 April 2020. These measures included for ‘Non-Essential’ businesses to suspend trading until 04 May 2020. This period has subsequently been extended until 01 June 2020.

Companies providing essential services, whether directly, or indirectly by supporting key manufacturers could apply for exemption from suspension of trading. We are pleased to inform all of our valued clients that Automation Support Services has been granted exemption via their application Ref. 5e89f6d58ab0420011962a62

ASS’s offices will be closed, apart from essential employees contributions on a limited/restricted basis.

GKN Driveline

ASS are pleased to announce that GKN Driveline Thailand are the latest company to embrace the ZoneSafe System. GKN are a Global business, serving the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. GKN develops, builds and supplies an extensive range of automotive driveline products and systems.

ASS will install ZoneSafe to 5 vehicles located at the GKN Driveline distribution facility in Royang, Thailand. The complete package includes for the ZoneSafe Vehicle to Personnel detection, Vehicle to Vehicle detection, together with Vibra Tags and a Tag Testing Unit.

ASS’s technical team will install and commission the equipment during 2020 (subject to COVID-19 status).