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SAESL has awarded ASS with a 12 Month contract to provide comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services for the 3 No. Engine Strip and Build Platforms located at their Calshot Road, Singapore facility.

ASS has been performing the PM Services since the Systems went live. SAESL has also engaged ASS to perform additional tasks associated with system improvements.

Due to the recent Global Covid-19 situation, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have engaged ASS Pte Ltd to perform some major modifications to some of the automated systems at the SICC2 facility. The Cart Transport Management System (CTMS), Buffer Management System (BMS), Cart Transport System (CTS) and the Materials Handling System (MHS) at the SICC2 facility Singapore have been extensively modified to suit a revised production schedule. This has involved both Mechanical and Control Systems work, performed by the local ASS technical team.

Further to completing the installation, commissioning, training, and support associated with various automated systems at the Oman Air Catering Services in Muscat Oman, via Galfar Engineering and Contracting SAOG, ASS Pte Ltd have become a registered supplier/vendor directly to Transom-Oman Air Catering Services to be able to provide ongoing support services and spare/replacement parts.

It is the intention of Transom-Oman Air Catering Services to engage ASS Pte Ltd to provide comprehensive support for the ALS (Warehouse Management System), and Bin/Pallet Conveyor Systems (PLC, SCADA Control Systems).

UMW Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd are a Singapore based entity providing industrial vehicles to various industry sectors. UMW have recently engaged ASS Pte Ltd to install ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) systems to 5 No. Fork Lift Trucks. The Fork Lift Trucks will be utilised at various sites in Singapore.

The ASS Pte Ltd technical team have been working with the UMW technical team to provide the understanding required for the integration of ZoneSafe to different types of vehicles.

ASS Pte Ltd have recently embarked on a quest to improve their safety standards. In line with the previous high standards observed, together with the promotion of the ZoneSafe Safety products, ASS are pleased to announce that they are now an ISO45001 and bizSAFE Star certified company.

The ISO 45001 standard is globally recognized and fits well with ASS’s activities in the South East Asia Region, and in the Middle East.

The bizSAFE Star recognition is the highest level of HSE activities recognized in Singapore, and is issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

ASS will strive to continually improve their safety and security standards in line with the services and products being offered by the company.

Copies of the relevant certificates can be seen at the ‘Documents’ page of this website.

ASS Pte Ltd have installed an additional item to their ZoneSafe Demo Wall located at the head office in Singapore.

Due to demand, ASS designed an enclosure to house Qi Charging devices for charging ZoneSafe Rechargeable Tags. The enclosure houses 2 No. Wireless Qi Chargers, and is also fitted with a cooling Fan. The enclosure is able to charge 6 No. Tags at any time.

ZoneSafe rechargeable Tags require an approx. charge time of 1.5 Hours for a duration of 3 Months use in the workplace.

DSM Indonesia

Another member of the Asia region DSM Nutrition Group of companies has embraced the ZoneSafe Systems concept, to provide safety for personnel, and to prevent collisions between vehicles.

DSM Indonesia have invested in the safety of their workers by installing Vehicle to Person (V2P) Protection Systems to their Fork Lift Trucks. They have also installed the ZoneSafe Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Systems to assist in preventing collisions between the Fork Lift Trucks.

SATS SICC2 Singapore

ASS Pte Ltd have installed a trial ZoneSafe gobo Projector System at the SATS SICC2 facility in Singapore. The system has been located at a busy traffic junction adjacent the main storage warehouse entrance/exit.

The equipment has been located to provide an image onto the floor when a vehicle approaches from any of 3 directions.

Each vehicle (stacker and pallet trucks) driver is equipped with a ZoneSafe Tag. When the vehicle/Tag enters the safety zone, the gobo Projector will project an image onto the floor to warn pedestrians that a vehicle is in the vicinity.

SATS will trial the system with a view to installing additional systems at other key locations within the facility.

Eagle Services Singapore has awarded ASS with a 12 Month contract to provide comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services for the 2 No. Engine Strip and Build Platforms located at their Calshot Road, Singapore facility.

ASS has been performing the PM Services since the Systems went live. Eagle has also engaged ASS to perform additional tasks associated with system improvements.


ASS Pte Ltd have completed the installation of 4 No. ZoneSafe gobo Projector Systems at the Givauden facility in Singapore. Givauden identified the safety aspects/advantages of installing gobo systems at 4 No. key ‘blind’ junctions within the facility. The ZoneSafe gobo Systems each comprise a gobo Projector Device, a ZoneSafe Discovery Unit, and a local Junction Box to harness the equipment, and to provide adequate power supplies.

Each Industrial Vehicle driver carries a ZoneSafe rechargeable RFID Tag. When an industrial vehicle approaches a ‘blind’ junction, the driver’s Tag is detected by the ZoneSafe Discovery Unit. This in turn, activates the gobo Projector which projects an image onto the factory floor.

The image provides personnel, and other vehicle drivers, with a clear understanding that a vehicle is in the near vicinity, and to take caution.

Once a vehicle leaves the safety zone, the gobo image will be switched off.

Givauden have also invested in several rechargeable RFID Tags together with Qi Wireless Charging Devices, and a ZoneSafe Tag Tester Device. The Tag Tester Device allows users to check the battery status of their Tags before entering the workplace.

Further to introducing ZoneSafe Systems to their facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, the DSM Nutrition group of companies, have placed an order with ASS Pte Ltd for systems to be implemented at the DSM Nutrition facility in the Philippines.

The Vehicle to Person (V2P), and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Systems, will be self- installed by the DSM Nutrition technical team, with remote assistance from the ASS Pte Ltd technical team based in Singapore.

ASS Pte Ltd have spent some considerable time redesigning the ways in which the ZoneSafe equipment can be mounted to different vehicles with minimal fuss. The equipment can be mounted using a variety of clamps, which eliminates the requirement for permanent fixing to the vehicles structure. This strategy protects the integrity of the vehicle structure.

ASS Pte Ltd have produced a series of ‘Self Install’ Manuals and Documents to assist the installation teams.

DSM Nutrition are a Swiss company with a global footprint, and have recognised the benefits that ZoneSafe provides for the safety of their workers.


Samwoh have become one of ASS Pte Ltd key clients for the implementation of ZoneSafe Systems. Further to installing several Vehicle to Person detection systems to various Excavators, Samwoh requested ASS to relocate some of the ZoneSafe equipment from the existing vehicles to others.

The standard equipment that ASS use to attach and cable ZoneSafe Systems to vehicles means that the transition from one vehicle to another is a straightforward task. Apart from minor parts replacement (damaged/worn parts), the task to relocate systems only involves labour resources.

This a prime example of how flexible ZoneSafe Systems are.

Further to completing the initial implementation of Conveyor Systems and a Warehouse Management System at the Oman Air In-Flight catering Centre, located at the Muscat International Airport, Oman, Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG, have awarded Automation Support Services Pte Ltd with a contract to provide remote support for the systems.

The original ASS design team will provide remote support for the systems on a 24 x 7 basis, and also provide assistance to the local Galfar technicians to perform regular Preventive Maintenance tasks.

This is the ‘final’ phase of the handover of the systems from Galfar to the end users, Oman Air Catering (OAC), and ASS are currently in discussions with OAC to provide long term support for the systems.

Sankyu Singapore

Further to carrying out a successful trial for a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) System at their Singapore storage facility, Sankyu have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a project to supply and install a ZoneSafe V2P System to a leased Fork Lift Truck.

This installation will be the next phase of Sankyu’s safety evaluation for personnel working in close proximity to Fork Lift Trucks within the warehouse facility. It is envisaged that a further 9 No. vehicles will have ZoneSafe Systems installed in the near future.

E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd have awarded Automation Support Services with a contract to provide Project Management, and Installation services, associated with the erection of several Panasonic BocSpace Enclosures/Containers for their client, Shooting Gallery, Singapore.

Panasonic BocSpace is an innovative building structure concept, which involves the erection of factory-made Enclosures/Containers for various clients. The Enclosures/Containers can be for both, indoor or outdoor use, and meet all of the local Singaporean building regulations/requirements.

ASS Pte Ltd will provide an experienced Project Manager/Site Manager, together with experienced/skilled technicians to carry out the following tasks:

  • Unload Containers
  • Erect Main Structures
  • Erect Walls, Ceiling, and Floors
  • Install Services for Lighting and Plumbing

This is the first of several projects to be undertaken during 2021.