April 2024

SATS Inflight Catering Centre SICC2

SATS Inflight Catering has awarded Automation Support Services Pte Ltd (ASS) with a project to dismantle and dispose of various sections of the existing Cart Transport System (CTS), and the Materials Handling System (MHS) at the SICC2 Facility.

The systems are 25 years old, and have been redundant since the impact of the Covid 19 Virus in the year 2021.

ASS will dismantle the CTS Tracks/Hoists, and associated steel structures located at the Inbound and Warewash Areas of the facility, together with the disposal of all of the Stainless Steel CTS Hangers from the Mezzanine Floor Area.

ASS will dismantle and dispose of 2 No. MHS Elevators at the Warewash Area, together with the dismantling and disposal of Conveyors and Control Panels at the Tray Assembly Area In-Line Buffer 1.2.

The project also includes to dismantle and dispose of any associated Control System elements, such as Sensors, Control Panels, Operator Stations, and RFID Equipment.

The work includes to carry out repairs to ceilings and wall openings after the dismantling work has been completed.