March 2024

Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)

ASS Pte Ltd have been working with the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) to implement ZoneSafe Safety Systems to their Container Dock Cranes. PSA have identified a safety issue, whereby workers/riggers are at risk of coming into collision with the Crane Headlock Device when performing Lashing duties on board vessels.

ASS Pte Ltd have installed a trial ZoneSafe Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) System to alarm both the workers/riggers and Crane operator when a worker is within the ZoneSafe Safety Range set up around the Headlock Device.

The ZoneSafe System comprises 2 No. V2P Antennae installed to the Headlock Device, and a Control Unit located the Operator’s Cab Area. Each worker/rigger will be equipped with a ZoneSafe Vibra Tag to provide a warning/alarm when they are too close to a potential moving Crane Headlock. The Crane Operator will receive an audible and visual alarm via the ZoneSafe Control Unit.