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ASS are the SEA distributors of ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems. ASS distribute and provide local technical support for the range of ZoneSafe products.

ZoneSafe is predominantly a safety system designed to protect pedestrian workers from accidents involving industrial vehicles. The systems can also be utilised to protect assets.

The basic system involves the installation of an in-cab control unit, with either single or multiple antennae to an industrial vehicle. The quantity of antennae is dependent on the type and size of the vehicle. When an RFID Transponder Tag is detected in the ‘safe zone’ of a vehicle, the driver or operator is notified with an audible visual alarm.

The in-cab control unit is capable of storing system event data (4000 events). This data can be downloaded locally into a hand-held device and viewed using an internet browser connected to the in-cab unit via Wi-Fi. Once connected to the in-cab unit it is possible to upload the data directly to the web portal.

ZoneSafe Systems

Designed for any type of industrial vehicles such as, Fork Lift Trucks, Reach Stackers, Excavators, Airport Tug Trucks and many others.

ZoneSafe TUF TAG

Designed to install into Safety Cones. The Cones can be placed at strategic locations to provide vehicles with ZoneSafe Systems an early warning that they are entering into a protected zone.

ZoneSafe PLUS

A combined RFID controller and Antenna providing N/O and N/C contacts to interact with external equipment such as alarms, doors and machines.

ASS have an extensive range of promotional and demonstration equipment.

  • Desk-Top Demonstration Kits
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Using their Pop-Up Booth, ASS attend Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. We also take our promotional equipment on the road and set-up at industrial premises for customers to view the product range. Our latest news page provides details of the ‘Road Show’ schedule.

Current product brochures can be downloaded from the documents page. Further information can be viewed at