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Posted on: June 2021

Samwoh have become one of ASS Pte Ltd key clients for the implementation of ZoneSafe Systems. Further to installing several Vehicle to Person detection systems to various Excavators, Samwoh requested ASS to relocate some of the ZoneSafe equipment from the existing vehicles to others.

The standard equipment that ASS use to attach and cable ZoneSafe Systems to vehicles means that the transition from one vehicle to another is a straightforward task. Apart from minor parts replacement (damaged/worn parts), the task to relocate systems only involves labour resources.

This a prime example of how flexible ZoneSafe Systems are.

DSM Nutrition Group

Posted on: June 2021

Further to introducing ZoneSafe Systems to their facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, the DSM Nutrition group of companies, have placed an order with ASS Pte Ltd for systems to be implemented at the DSM Nutrition facility in the Philippines.

The Vehicle to Person (V2P), and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Systems, will be self- installed by the DSM Nutrition technical team, with remote assistance from the ASS Pte Ltd technical team based in Singapore.

ASS Pte Ltd have spent some considerable time redesigning the ways in which the ZoneSafe equipment can be mounted to different vehicles with minimal fuss. The equipment can be mounted using a variety of clamps, which eliminates the requirement for permanent fixing to the vehicles structure. This strategy protects the integrity of the vehicle structure.

ASS Pte Ltd have produced a series of ‘Self Install’ Manuals and Documents to assist the installation teams.

DSM Nutrition are a Swiss company with a global footprint, and have recognised the benefits that ZoneSafe provides for the safety of their workers.

Sankyu Singapore

Posted on: May 2021

Further to carrying out a successful trial for a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) System at their Singapore storage facility, Sankyu have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a project to supply and install a ZoneSafe V2P System to a leased Fork Lift Truck.

This installation will be the next phase of Sankyu’s safety evaluation for personnel working in close proximity to Fork Lift Trucks within the warehouse facility. It is envisaged that a further 9 No. vehicles will have ZoneSafe Systems installed in the near future.

Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG, Oman

Posted on: May 2021

Further to completing the initial implementation of Conveyor Systems and a Warehouse Management System at the Oman Air In-Flight catering Centre, located at the Muscat International Airport, Oman, Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG, have awarded Automation Support Services Pte Ltd with a contract to provide remote support for the systems.

The original ASS design team will provide remote support for the systems on a 24 x 7 basis, and also provide assistance to the local Galfar technicians to perform regular Preventive Maintenance tasks.

This is the ‘final’ phase of the handover of the systems from Galfar to the end users, Oman Air Catering (OAC), and ASS are currently in discussions with OAC to provide long term support for the systems.

SATS, SICC2 Singapore

Posted on: April 2021

Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have awarded Automation Support Services with a 12 Month contract to provide Preventive Maintenance and Call-Out Support Services for the Cart Transport Management System (CTMS), Buffer Management System (BMS), Cart Transport System (CTS) and the Materials Handling System (MHS) at the SICC2 facility Singapore. ASS will perform Quarterly PM checks and provide support cover on a 365day x 24 hour basis.