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Transom-Oman Air Catering Services – Muscat, Oman

Posted on: March 2022

Further to completing the installation, commissioning, training, and support associated with various automated systems at the Oman Air Catering Services in Muscat Oman, via Galfar Engineering and Contracting SAOG, ASS Pte Ltd have become a registered supplier/vendor directly to Transom-Oman Air Catering Services to be able to provide ongoing support services and spare/replacement parts.

It is the intention of Transom-Oman Air Catering Services to engage ASS Pte Ltd to provide comprehensive support for the ALS (Warehouse Management System), and Bin/Pallet Conveyor Systems (PLC, SCADA Control Systems).

SATS, SICC2 Singapore

Posted on: March 2022

Due to the recent Global Covid-19 situation, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have engaged ASS Pte Ltd to perform some major modifications to some of the automated systems at the SICC2 facility. The Cart Transport Management System (CTMS), Buffer Management System (BMS), Cart Transport System (CTS) and the Materials Handling System (MHS) at the SICC2 facility Singapore have been extensively modified to suit a revised production schedule. This has involved both Mechanical and Control Systems work, performed by the local ASS technical team.

ISO45001 and bizSAFE Star Certification

Posted on: November 2021

ASS Pte Ltd have recently embarked on a quest to improve their safety standards. In line with the previous high standards observed, together with the promotion of the ZoneSafe Safety products, ASS are pleased to announce that they are now an ISO45001 and bizSAFE Star certified company.

The ISO 45001 standard is globally recognized and fits well with ASS’s activities in the South East Asia Region, and in the Middle East.

The bizSAFE Star recognition is the highest level of HSE activities recognized in Singapore, and is issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

ASS will strive to continually improve their safety and security standards in line with the services and products being offered by the company.

Copies of the relevant certificates can be seen at the ‘Documents’ page of this website.

DSM Indonesia

Posted on: August 2021

Another member of the Asia region DSM Nutrition Group of companies has embraced the ZoneSafe Systems concept, to provide safety for personnel, and to prevent collisions between vehicles.

DSM Indonesia have invested in the safety of their workers by installing Vehicle to Person (V2P) Protection Systems to their Fork Lift Trucks. They have also installed the ZoneSafe Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Systems to assist in preventing collisions between the Fork Lift Trucks.

SATS SICC2 Singapore

Posted on: August 2021

ASS Pte Ltd have installed a trial ZoneSafe gobo Projector System at the SATS SICC2 facility in Singapore. The system has been located at a busy traffic junction adjacent the main storage warehouse entrance/exit.

The equipment has been located to provide an image onto the floor when a vehicle approaches from any of 3 directions.

Each vehicle (stacker and pallet trucks) driver is equipped with a ZoneSafe Tag. When the vehicle/Tag enters the safety zone, the gobo Projector will project an image onto the floor to warn pedestrians that a vehicle is in the vicinity.

SATS will trial the system with a view to installing additional systems at other key locations within the facility.