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Mach-Secure Products

Posted on: February 2015

MacDonald Humfrey showcased their Mach-Secure Integrated Airport Security Systems at the Inter Airports exhibition held at the Singapore Expo.

The exhibition was a success with many regional visitors welcomed to the MHA booth by the group MD Mick MacDonald, UK Director Keith Mills and SEA Director David Vass.


SATS Food Industries

Posted on: September 2014

SATS Food Industries have extended the Preventive Maintenance and Support Contract for their Automated Systems located at the SICC2 facility, Changi Airport, Singapore. ASS Pte Ltd have been supporting SATS at this site since 2005. The extended contract includes for the support of the Cart Transport Management System (CTMS), the Cart Transport System (CTS), the Buffer Management System (BMS) and the Material Handling System (MHS). The full scope of work includes for comprehensive Preventive Maintenance, 365 day x 24 hr support both locally in Singapore and from the UK, 3rd party support for the Stratus ft Servers, Ethernet Networks, Modicon PLCs, RFID Tag Reading System and Anti Virus updates.

The contract awarded is for a period of 2 years + a 1 year option.

SATS Food Industries

Posted on: May 2014

Further to a competitive tender exercise, SATS Catering Pte Ltd have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a contract to upgrade the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and the RFID Tag Reading System associated with their Cart Transport System (CTS) at the SICC2 facility Changi, Singapore.

The existing Modicon 984 PLCs together with the associated 800 series I/O will be upgraded utilising the Modicon Quantum range of products. The existing system comprises 5 Modicon 984 CPUs and approx. 2000 I/O points. The upgrade allows for the existing Modbus Plus communications to be upgraded to TCP/IP.

The existing long range active RFID Tag Reading System will be upgraded to a short range passive system utilising the IDENT range of equipment as manufactured by Pepperl + Fuchs. There are 98 Tag Readers and 30 IDENT Decoders associated with the system.

The upgraded Tag Reading System will communicate to the PLCs via the TCP/IP protocol.

The overall upgrade will enable the entire CTS control system to communicate to the previously upgrade Cart Transport Management System (CTMS) via TCP/IP.

The project will be carried out in phases with an anticipated completion date of November 2014.

Rolls-Royce, Seletar

Posted on: April 2014

Rolls-Royce Singapore have entered into a framework agreement with MHA SEA Pte Ltd and ASS Pte Ltd for labour and services at the Seletar Assembly Plant in Singapore.

This agreement has been put in place to compliment the 365 x 24 hour call-out service previously awarded.

Rolls-Royce, Seletar

Posted on: March 2014

Rolls-Royce Singapore have awarded MHA SEA Pte Ltd and ASS Pte Ltd with a contract to provide an Andon Call System for their Engine Module Build Area at the Seletar Assembly Plant in Singapore.

The Andon System will allow local machine and assembly operators to call for Supervisor or Parts assistance via push button stations. MHA and ASS will provide 5 Area Compact PLC Control Panels to accept the input calls and drive output signals for warning klaxons/speakers and beacons.

The system is being designed for future expansion whereby a SCADA System will be deployed to enable centralized monitoring and data analysis.