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Rolls Royce Manufacturing Facility

Posted on: June 2011

Rolls Royce are locating their state-of-the-Art manufacturing facility and administration Hub at the Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore. The 154,000 sq meter facility comprises a Trent Engine assembly and Test building, a Wide Chord Blade manufacturing building and the Hub building. The Hub building houses the first major Rolls Royce training centre in the region, an advanced technology centre and shared administrative support services.

Exmac Automation Ltd have been awarded the project to implement the Skillet Flow Lines for the assembly of the Trent engines. ExMac are a 100% owned subsidiary of ASS's long term UK partners MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd.

ExMac are designing and manufacturing the Skillet Flow Lines and associated equipment. MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd are designing and implementing the control systems.

ExMac have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a contract to supply installation labour, tools, equipment and general logistics support in Singapore.

MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a contract to carry out the complete control systems installation, commissioning, training and post hand-over support.

Malaysian Airlines Sytems - WMS Interfaces

Posted on: May 2011

Malaysian Airline Systems (MAS) are in the process of implementing a complex SAP ERP system at their IT headquarters in Kelana Jaya. ASS (M) Sdn Bhd together with their technology partner CSY Capital Sdn Bhd have been awarded the project to develop and deploy interfaces between the SAP and MAS's suppliers.

ASS have been actively supporting the existing interfaces on behalf of the vendors, however, this is the first time that they have been engaged directly by MAS.

SATS Catering Training Program

Posted on: May 2011

SATS Catering Pte Ltd have instructed ASS Pte Ltd to provide a Technical Training Program for the maintenance staff based at the SICC2 facility. The program includes for the preparation and presentation of training materials associated with the automated systems deployed at SICC2.

With ASS's vast knowledge of the control systems they are able to compile the relevant training material from the various existing system documents and from the documentation provided by ASS during various recent upgrade projects.

ASS have been supporting SATS for several years and the ASS technical staff and management have intimate knowledge of the systems.

The training will take place at the SICC2 facility during the period June 2011 to August 2011.

Health and Safety Initiative

Posted on: April 2011

ASS Pte Ltd have started the bizSAFE journey which is an initiative set-up by the Workplace Safety and Health Council of Singapore:

The bizSAFE program promotes workplace safety and health through the recognition of companies safety and health efforts.

The current status of the ASS Pte Ltd bizSAFE journey can be seen at the Health & Safety page  at this website.

SATS Catering Preventive Maintenance and Support

Posted on: July 2010

SATS Catering Pte Ltd have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with the Preventive Maintenance and Support Contract for their Automated Systems located at the SICC2 facility, Changi Airport, Singapore. ASS Pte Ltd have been supporting SATS at this site since 2005. The coverage of the new contract has been extended to include the upgraded Cart Transport Management System which was successfully implemented by ASS during 2009. The full scope of work includes for comprehensive Preventive Maintenance, 365 day x 24 hr support both locally in Singapore and from the UK, 3rd party support for the Stratus ft Servers, Ethernet Network and Anti Virus updates.

The systems covered under the scope of the contract are the Cart Transport Power and Free Conveyor, and the Material Handling Bin Conveyors. The associated control systems are the Cart Transport Management System (CTMS) inclusive of the communications Bridge and SCADA, the Bin Management System (BMS) inclusive of the communications Bridge and SCADA, Modicon PLCs, Data Logic Bar Code Scanning equipment and Eureka RFID equipment.

The 1 year + 1 Year option contract further enhances our long standing relationship with SATS Catering Pte Ltd