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Eagle Services Singapore

Posted on: September 2022

Eagle Services Singapore (ESA) has awarded ASS with a 12 Month contract to provide comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services for the 2 No. Engine Strip and Build Platforms located at their Calshot Road, Singapore facility.

ASS has been performing the PM Services since the Systems went live. ESA has also engaged ASS to perform additional tasks associated with system improvements.

SATS, SICC1 Singapore

Posted on: September 2022

Due to the recent Global Covid-19 situation, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have engaged ASS Pte Ltd to perform some major modifications to some of the automated systems at the SICC1 facility. The Bin Loop System, The GN Tray Handling System and the Pallet Conveyor Systems at the SICC1 facility Singapore have been extensively modified to suit a revised production schedule. This has involved both Mechanical and Control Systems work, performed by the local ASS technical team, together with partners.

Universal Leaf Philippines

Posted on: July 2022

Further to ASS Pte Ltd arranging a site visit to an existing client in the Philippines, Universal Leaf Philippines Incorporated have invested in a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) System to trial on a Fork Lift Truck at their facility.

The purchase includes for a complete V2P System, Personnel and Drivers Vibra Tags, and a Tag Charging Device/Enclosure.

The Universal Leaf Technical Team will self-install the System using the comprehensive Installation Guide/data provided by the ASS Team in Singapore.

ST Engineering Singapore

Posted on: July 2022

ST Engineering Singapore are a company providing engineering services and solutions to a variety of clients. They work closely with the Singapore Armed Forces (MINDEF) to assist with engineering solutions for military vehicles.

ST Engineering have purchased an extended ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person (V2P) System with 2 No. Antennae, which will provide a greater proximity range around a larger vehicle.

ASS have previously provided systems to MINDEF via other suppliers. For confidentiality reasons, this equipment will be self-installed by the ST Engineering Team using the comprehensive Installation Guide/data provided by ASS.

IKEA Warehouse Singapore

Posted on: July 2022

IKEA have invested in a ZoneSafe Safety System at their warehouse located in Tampines, Singapore. The safety department were concerned that Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs) were travelling to fast when approaching a goods ‘drop-off’ point located near to a doorway.

The Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) ZoneSafe System installed will ‘switch’ a Jungheinrich FLT into ‘creep’ mode when it enters the predetermined safety zone set up by the ZoneSafe System. Once the FLT is clear of the safety zone it will resume to normal operating speed.